Aero Innovation Event – Companies and SME-s.

Aero Innovation Event is a pioneering innovation event for the aeronautical sector using the most innovative methods to give answers to critical questions which senior management in the sector are faced with when preparing their innovation strategies in order to be more competitive.

The objective of Aero Innovation Event is that each person taking part should take away with themselves the most powerful tools to use in their work environments and, in this way, have a real impact in the sector.

When we talk about innovating in companies, doubts and obstacles spring up: we will address these, giving participants training about the latest tendencies and successful tools for using in different innovation areas. AeroIE is specifically designed to answer the real, proven needs of stakeholders in aeronautical innovation.

Innovation Event registration system creates a unique, efficient experience for all participants, offering them networking and helping them to get the most out of their attendance at the event. For the sake of correct registration and to facilitate networking we would be grateful if you would fill out the whole form.

* Discounts for companies per additional attendee.

The emblematic company Airbus Group, the undeniable leader in the aeronautical sector, that groups Airbus, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space has turned innovation into one of its key attributes.

Through the keynote lecture “How to apply innovation in the Supply Chain” Luis Miguel del Saz of Airframe Supply Management will explain to us first hand how innovation is developed in one of the most strategic areas of AIRBUS: Supply Chain

In addition to learning from AIRBUS, participants in AEROIE 2017 will have the chance to present their innovative processes to the company. In this regard,

How can I bring my innovation to Airbus?

On 15 March 2017, Airbus will propose a number of Technological Opportunities and Needs and from that moment the registration period will begin for companies interested in providing solutions to the opportunities and needs posed.

Growing in the collaborative era: Pentagrowth levers of exponential growth. Javier Creus.

Javier Creus, Founder of Ideas for Change, shows us successful companies which are growing and explains how they do so. An example of this tool is GE Aviation’s tool for developing 3D pieces.

Javier will explain Pentagrowth methodology and the five levers for exponential growth. If you want to grow, you have to collaborate.


Workshop 4: Pentagrowth, the tool for exponential growth in companies. Javier Creus.

A workshop which will help organizations to design new business models with potential for exponential growth using the new combinations of the levers available in their environments and using the organizations’ own assets and skills.

The advantages of a culture of continual innovation in the company. Paco Bree.


Workshop 5: Tools for stimulating innovation culture in companies. Paco Bree.

The 3 key questions about Innovation: Why? What If? How? Alan McShane

What is visual thinking? What are the basic tools? How can it help to foster creativity, at both personal and group level


  • • Visual Thinking and its most important tools (the space, canvases, bubble-maps, min maps, visualisation, Lego Serious Play, Gamestorming).
  • • Where and how can they aid the creative process and favour innovation?
  • • Their use in practical cases.


Workshop 7: LSP (Lego Serious Play) tools for stimulating innovation methodology. Alan McShane. (Limited number of attendees)

LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY™ is an innovative, experience-based training and transformation strategy. It is based on research which has shown that by playing you can learn and better understand the work and personal environment, its characteristics, possibilities and potential.

LEGO is a powerful tool designed to model and share a vision of an organization, team, product, service, project or problem at a particular moment of its history.

This tool is currently being used by Airbus Group to manage innovation and other types of projects.


The workshops provide theoretical and practical work methodologies for the various different topics of interest to companies concerned with innovation and personalisation in the aeronautical sector. This format – in which different, simultaneous workshops are offered – allows various people from the same company to obtain different tools for these surroundings and enables them to form a multi-disciplinary team in the company and achieve considerable impact.

Workshop 3: How to protect innovation for companies. Herrero & Asociados.

We have found that many companies are afraid to share their know-how. To deal with this, there is a workshop to show different types of innovation and how to protect each of them. After the workshop you will have the information you need for cooperation between companies and other innovation stakeholders.

People are the most important resource in any company and the knowledge which they can generate is fundamental to the company’s innovation. However, you have to know how to achieve maximum performance. To deal with this, AeroIE offers two workshops about the latest tendencies for strengthening companies’ innovative profiles.


Workshop 2: TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS Innovative profile management tools. Coaching Factory. Amaia Agirre.

The TriMetrix® CE (Coeficiente EMocional) report has been drawn up to understand people’s talents better. It offers a perspective on three different area of any individual: behaviour, motivation and emotional intelligence. Knowledge of strengths and weaknesses in each area are key to achieving professional development and the highest level of satisfaction.

This tool has been used in major aerospace companies to optimise profiles within and outside the organization.


Workshop 6: The nine profiles and how to strengthen innovation in each one. Marián Albaina. Belbin Spain & Latam.

The 9 Belbin team roles are used for identifying people’s strengths and weaknesses in the work environment.

Knowledge of Belbin roles in teams is useful for:

  • • Building productive work relationships.
  • • Selecting and developing high performance teams.
  • • Increasing self-knowledge and personal efficiency.
  • • Creating confidence and mutual understanding.
  • • Managing conflicts.
  • • Helping in recruitment/personnel selection processes.

Workshop 8: Discover your business innovation rate. AEC – Asociación Española para la Calidad (Spanish quality association).

In this workshop you will see an analysis of your company with regards to its degree of innovation. The Innovation Culture Rate in Spain is drawn up using methodology created by Jay Rao and Joe Weintraub, of Babson College-Boston, the only methodology for analysing the innovative climate in organizations, focusing on the four basic pillars to the most innovative cultures and which are the basis for organizational strategies.

The methodology interrelates with the six pillars of innovation culture: Resources, processes, results, values, behaviour and atmosphere. These six pillars are closely connected and can be broken down, for detailed analysis, into 18 factors and 54 elements which guarantee a precise, complete analysis of innovation culture in organizations.

Workshop 1: Learning innovation strategy methodologies Iñaki Arrieta/Nerea Calleja OTEIC group.

This workshop gives company managers tools for developing successful methodologies for setting up technological innovation strategies in their companies. Managers will be given tools to achieve an innovative vision and attitude in their companies. A highly practical and participative workshop.

If you are from a company and wish to make your products, solutions or services known at a European-based event, you can have a stand at the Aero Innovation Event.

Innovative Stand:

An opportunity to gain greater visibility and better results than at a traditional stand.

The Aero Innovation Event organisation is committed to caring for the environment and offers an ecological solution with an integral system made of recyclable cardboard for ephemeral architecture. This is the perfect solution for companies and institutions which are committed to environmental sustainability. This also makes them easy to take down, reusable and they comply with the three R’s.

It is an easy, simple way for you have a space for explaining your service or product. You only have to send us the 2.2 x 2.4 m image you want to have at the back of the stand and we will take care of everything else; you will have a 3 x 2 m stand with a storeroom, counter and two stools.

This is innovative because the technological network device we include enables you to:

  • • Programming Networking before, during and after the event.
  • • Exchanging cards easily.
  • • Interacting in real time with speakers and at workshops.
  • • Receiving reminders of meetings, talks and attendance at workshops booked.
  • • Confirming meetings with contacts managed.
  • • Invitations to demos in the Stand Area.
  • • Convenient use as no Wi-Fi or any other kind of outside connection is required.


If you are interested in be an exhibitor, please contact us.

Workshop 9: Speed Consulting.

An innovative dynamic which enables companies to have 10-15 minute consultations in which to obtain personalised information about:

  • • Innovation strategy
  • • Innovation and know-how protection
  • • Planning R&D projects for different institutions, CDTI, H2020, DFB, SPRI, and others.
  • • How to stimulate workers’ innovation.


Companies can send their questions beforehand and, at the event, experts will deal with each request.

At this event we offer companies the opportunity to obtain projects and patents during the event. These two sections allow you to:

  • • Find researchers, innovators, small or start-up companies with offers linked to the aeronautical sector.
  • • The patents and projects will be segmented by interest, optimising searches and putting you in touch with the person interested.
  • • Exchange information.
  • • See the project beforehand on the website.